Ingenious design

Sound proofing is one thing, but what about the function of your air conditioner or heat pump? Don’t worry, the Climeleon Wave has no impact on the yield of your machine.

The calculation and shape of the louvres enable the heat pump to perform in the best possible way and the sound pressure is reduced by at least 7 decibels*!


An air stream splitter improves the air flow, and this is crucial for the good function of your heat pump.

The Climeleon Wave is made of durable synthetics (black) and is resistant to wind, moisture, frost, heat and sunlight. The covers are also able to handle snow loads of up to 60kg/m².


We have made things easy for you. The Climeleon Wave consists of loose elements that can be fitted quickly and easily.


 Weather can be wild. That's why Climeleon unit covers are made of durable materials, tested for all weather circumstances.

air flow

Climeleon covers are developed to not obstruct the airflow and thus allowing the heat pump to maintain its designed yield.


A heat pump unit does not look very good to the eye. The Climeleon Wave offers a nice dress up. Not too noticeable and stylishly black.

The shape of the louvres and the sound dampening material reduce sound levels by at least 7dB* at the source.

sound dampening

* Results are calculated on exterior units of Fujitsu-General air conditioners and heat pumps.

The illustrations used on this website are indicative.