Is the outside unit of your air conditioner or heat pump making too much noise? Or is it marring the look of your residence? Then a sound proofing Climeleon cover is the solution.

A heat pump offers many advantages when it comes to comfort, consumption and the environment. But sometimes the noise can be annoying, for example when the unit is near a bedroom window, on a terrace or close to the neighbours.

With the Climeleon you get two for the price of one. The Climeleon covers dampen the sound considerably and they look handsome and discrete.

Sound proofing is one thing, but what about the function of your air conditioner or heat pump? Don’t worry, the Climeleon Wave has no impact on the yield of your machine.


The Climeleon Wave is easy to install and is weather and wind resistant.

Thanks to its discrete and sleek design, the Climeleon Wave

matches both modern and classic houses.

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